ESEMP’s Financial Support for Conferences

ESEMP’s Financial Support for Conferences/Lectures/Seminars

  1. According to the objectives expressed in its Statutes (§ 2), ESEMP sponsors conferences, lectures and seminars on modern philosophy organized by the members and approved by the board.
  2. Twice a year ESEMP sponsors, with a grant of up to 500€, a conference / lecture / seminar on modern philosophy organized by members who apply for such a grant.
  3. Deadlines for these applications are 15th of June and 30th of December of every year. The applications must be sent to the President and to the Secretary by e-mail and must contain a brief description of the conference / lecture / seminar and a list of speakers.
  4. A panel composed by three members of the board will evaluate the applications and submit its recommendations to the members of the board for approval.
  5. The final decision is delegated to the board, which approves the allocation. Conferences, lectures and seminars that receive the sponsorship are required to use the ESEMP’s logo in all official media (flyers, posters, etc.).