“Early Modern Philosophers and the Renaissance Legacy” (Munich, September 19-20, 2013)

Ludwig Maximilian University
Center for Advanced Studies
Seestrasse 13
Munich, Germany

Thursday, Sept. 19
9:00-9:30  Welcome
9:30-10:00  Introduction
10:00-10:45  Stephen Clucas (London): “Italian Renaissance Love Theory Revisited in the Seventeenth Century: Marsilio Ficino and Leone Ebreo in Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy
10:45-11:30  Sarah Hutton (Aberystwyth): “Cambridge Platonism and the Italian Renaissance”
12:00-12:45  Silvia Manzo (La Plata): “Some Remarks on Francis Bacon and Girolamo Cardano”
12:45-13:30  Guido Giglioni (London): “What’s Wrong with Doing History of Renaissance Philosophy? The Case of Francis Bacon”
14:30-15:15  Emmanuel Faye (Rouen): “Descartes, the Humanists and the Perfection of Man”
15:15-16:00  Emanuela Scribano (Venice): “Cartesians Against Campanella: A Fight Without Winners”
16:30-17:15  Annalisa Ceron (Vercelli): “Between Past and Future: Ethics and Politics in Bacon’s Essays”
17:15-18:00  Gianni Paganini (Vercelli): “Hobbes Against Mediocrity and His Renaissance Sources”
18:30-19:30  Germana Ernst (Rome): “Campanella Renaissance: Testi e Studi”
Friday, Sept. 20
9:30-10:15  Daniel Garber (Princeton): “Telesio Among the Novatores: Telesio’s Reception in the Seventeenth-Century”
10:15-11:00  Sabrina Ebbersmeyer (Munich): “Telesio and Leibniz: Metaphysics of the Living Being”
11:30-12:15  Paul Rateau (Paris): “On Free Will and Divine Justice: Is Leibniz a Successor of Lorenzo Valla?”
12:15-13:00  Lodi Nauta (Groningen): “The Critique of Language in Renaissance Humanism and Early Modern Philosophy”
14:30-15:15  Natacha Fabbri (Florence): “The Rise of the Earth-Like Moon in the Renaissance and Its Importance in Kepler and Galileo’s Heliocentrism”
15:15-16:00  John C. Laursen (UC Riverside): “John Upton from Political Liberty to Critical Liberty: The Moral and Political Implications of Ancient and Renaissance Studies in the Enlightenment”
16:30-17:15  Cecilia Muratori (Munich): “The (Happy) Place of Animals in the World: A Renaissance Debate and Its Aftermath”
17:15-18:00  Discussion and Conclusion
Contacts: Cecilia Muratori and Gianni Paganini.

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