« Locke et le Cartésianisme » (Université Lille III, Villeneuve d’Ascq, 20-22 Septembre 2012)

International conference. Université Lille III, Villeneuve d’Ascq, Maison de la recherche
Through this conference, we wish to explore what is still surprizingly a negected theme in Locke studies – a theme however that may prove to be a very important key to the interpretation of Locke’s philosophical project. We expect the papers to cover topics such as :  Locke’s encounters with Descartes’ works in his early readings and travels to France; the role of Cartesianism in the elaboration and development of Locke’s philosophical project; Locke’s engagement with Cartesian themes in the Essayfor example on issues such as innate knowledge, intermittency of thought, space and void, the nature of the mind and consciousness, materiality and immateriality of the soul, the  nature and logic of ideas, etc.; The conflicting legacies of Descartes and Locke in the Early Eighteenth-century Europe;  Locke’s posterity as a « Cartesian author » among the critics of the « way of ideas ». Although Descartes is the primary focus of the conference, a session will be devoted to Locke’s relations with so called Cartesian authors, such as Malebranche (or Norris), Arnauld and Nicole.  

Confirmed speakers :
Peter Anstey, 
Laura Berchielli, Martha Bolton, Geneviève Brykman, Lisa Downing, Daniel Garber, Richard Glauser, Philippe HamouMatthieu Haumesser, Laurent Jaffro, Denis Kambouchner, Martin Lenz, John Milton, Marc Parmentier, Martine Pécharman, Claire Schwartz, Catherine Wilson.

Organized with the support of ANR PNEUMA (http://anr-pneuma.fr) and UMR STL (CNRS) (http://stl.recherche.univ-lille3.fr/)

Contacts: philippe.hamou@univ-lille3.fr

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